Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Jun 15, 2024  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Law School|

Upperclass Courses:

Colloquiums, Seminars, and Problem Courses:

All problem courses and seminars satisfy the writing requirement and are limited enrollment. However, students selecting a seminar or problem course that satisfies the skills requirement or the writing requirement may use the course to fulfill one of the requirements, but not both. A student selecting a Colloquium, Seminar, and Problem Course designated as fulfilling the professional responsibility and writing requirement may fulfill both requirements.

Admission to all problem courses and seminars is determined by lottery.

Clinical Courses and Externships

All clinical courses and externships have limited enrollment and satisfy the skills requirement.

Admission to all clinic courses is instructor selected.

Detailed clinical descriptions may be found at: