Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Dec 03, 2021  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



First-Year Writing Seminars:

Please consult John S. Knight Institute for additional information.

Music in History and Culture:

Musical Instruction:

Cornell faculty members offer individual instruction in voice, organ, harpsichord, piano and fortepiano, violin, viola, cello, percussion, and some brass and woodwind instruments to those students advanced enough to do college-level work in these instruments. Lessons are available by audition only. They may be taken for .5 credit (MUSIC 3511  and MUSIC 3512 ), 1 credit (MUSIC 3513 ), 2 credits (MUSIC 3514 ) or 3 credits (MUSIC 4501 ). For more information, please go to

Lessons for beginners. The Department of Music does not offer lessons for beginners.

Auditions. Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester for lessons for advanced students. Contact the music department office in 101 Lincoln Hall for information.

Earning academic credit for lessons. For every 4 credits earned in MUSIC 3514 , the student must have earned, or currently be earning, at least 3 credits in another music course (excluding MUSIC 3514 , MUSIC 4501 , music courses numbered 3601 through 3611, or 4601 through 4631. These 3 credits must be earned before, or simultaneously with, the first 2 credits in MUSIC 3514 ; they cannot be applied retroactively. Only music courses taught at Cornell (or approved transfer courses from other colleges or universities) may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Fees. For information about the fee structure for lessons, see the department’s web site or contact the music department office. All fees are nonrefundable once lessons begin, even if the course is subsequently dropped.

Scholarships. Music majors are granted a waiver of lesson fees per semester. All scholarships are intended only for lessons in the student’s primary performing medium. Scholarship/registration forms, available in the music department office, are to be returned to the office within the first three weeks of classes.

Individual Instruction in Musical Composition:

Analogously to private instruction in performance, Cornell faculty members offer private instruction in musical composition. Music majors may receive a waiver in lesson fees, just as for performance lessons. For nonmajors, fees are structured just as for performance study. Students may register for these courses in successive semesters or year although individual instruction may not be available during  semester where classroom composition courses are offered simultaneously.

The faculty members authorized to supervise composition study, both within Cornell and outside, are K. Ernste, P. Merrill, and R. Sierra.

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of MUSIC MUSIC 2101 .

Auditions: Students must present a portfolio of previous compositions in order to assist the faculty in determining placement.

Musical Organizations and Ensembles:

Students may participate in musical organizations and ensembles throughout the year. Permission of the instructor is required, and admission is by audition only (usually at the beginning of each semester), except that the World Music Choir and the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble are open to all students without prior audition. Registration is permitted in two of these courses simultaneously and students may register in successive years, but no student may earn more than 8 credits in these courses. Membership in these musical organizations and ensembles is also open to qualified students who wish to participate.

Graduate Courses:

Open to qualified undergraduates by permission of instructor.