Courses of Study through eCornell 2022-2023 
    May 20, 2024  
Courses of Study through eCornell 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Corporate Sustainability Certificate

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As sustainability becomes a key component of today’s decision-making processes, corporations must respond by developing initiatives and making business decisions that illustrate their commitment to sustainable business activity. This certificate program is designed to help you think about sustainability as a vital part of your business strategy.

In this certificate, you will frame this challenge and assess your company’s sustainability practices relative to industry standards. You will use this initial assessment to inform implementation of sustainability initiatives, and develop a future-focused sustainability strategy that capitalizes on market opportunities.

To begin, you will critically examine the sustainability-based interactions among corporate entities, their peers, regulators, the public, and other stakeholders in order to identify opportunities for improving the outcomes of these interactions. You will then assess the ways that corporations manage reputational risk by communicating their sustainability efforts and propose initiatives that bolster your organization’s sustainability credentials.

Finally, you will focus on building a business case by proposing specific ways your company can capitalize on sustainable opportunities. By the end of this certificate program, you will be well equipped to lead your teams toward sustainable solutions that enable your organization to thrive.