Courses of Study 2020-2021 
    Jul 24, 2024  
Courses of Study 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information

In the School of Industrial and Labor Relations .


Alexander Colvin, dean

George Boyer, senior associate dean, academic affairs and director of teaching

Ariel Avgar, associate dean, outreach

Joseph Grasso, associate dean, finance, administration, and corporate relations

Tom Addonizio, assistant dean, marketing and communication

Denise V. Brown-Hart, assistant dean, human resources

Kara Lombardi, assistant dean, student experience and wellbeing

Jennifer Sellen, assistant dean, alumni affairs and development

Christie Avgar, director, graduate enrollment and student services

Christopher Collins, director, graduate studies

Kevin F. Harris, director, office of student services

Anu Lyons, director, office of career services

Curtis Lyons, director, catherwood library

Martin Wells, director, research

Rosemary Batt and Lawrence Kahn, co-editors, Industrial and Labor Relations Review

The School

The ILR School looks through the lens of the social sciences to examine issues related to the domestic and international workplace.  ILR is home to 950 undergraduate and 200 graduate students.  ILR creates a school community, by offering personalized academic and career advising, unique student organizations, and an array of distinctive courses, while supporting student participation in the courses, activities and organizations found within the Cornell University community.  

The school provides instruction to undergraduates and graduate students who are preparing for a variety of careers, as well as to men and women already engaged in industrial relations activities and the general public through its Extension and Outreach.

The school’s Conference Center, part of the extension division, initiates and hosts conferences covering the full scope of industrial and labor relations. The center provides continuing education and information to practitioners and scholars.  


Undergraduate Degree

ILR undergraduates work toward the bachelor of science degree and have one major: Industrial and Labor Relations. However, students are not limited to one area of focus. The six departments that comprise ILR, provide students with a unique range of courses that they use to build a program to their individual interests. As the leading and largest school of its kind, ILR provides classes that students will only find in our program, and our course offerings continuously evolve in response to anticipated changes in the workplace and the world.

Graduate Degrees

More than 200 students on the Cornell campus, and additional students in New York City and in blended programs, are enrolled in graduate study in industrial and labor relations, one of the largest graduate fields in the university. Students may work toward the degrees of master of industrial and labor relations, master of professional studies, executive master of human resource management, master of science, and doctor of philosophy. For further information on graduate programs, contact the ILR Graduate Programs Office.

Office of Student Services

Staff members from the Office of Student Services work closely with faculty members and faculty committees to administer the undergraduate degree program and many of the school’s support services.  The office’s responsibilities include orienting new students, maintaining students’ academic records, providing information on special study options such as international opportunities, advising students on personal and academic concerns, and making referrals to other University resources.  Questions or issues related to graduation requirements, course registration, and related academic procedures should be directed to counselors in the Office of Student Services.

Multicultural Affairs

The ILR School values diversity and how our students benefit from being in an environment that consists of people with multiple, intersecting identities and beliefs. We strive to build upon Ezra Cornell’s vision to found “an institution where any person can find instruction in any study”. We are committed to providing students with the support needed to develop cultural competency that will enhance their academic achievement, career development, and personal growth. The Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs in the ILR Office of Student Services works closely with faculty, staff members, and various offices across Cornell’s campus to assist students during their undergraduate years. For more information, see the ILR School website.