Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    May 21, 2024  
Courses of Study 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information

In the College of Arts and Sciences .


Ray Jayawardhana, Dean - (607) 255-1097
Rachel Bean, Senior Associate Dean for Math and Science - (607) 255-4146
Patrizia McBride, Senior Associate Dean for the Social Sciences - (607) 255-4146
Derk Pereboom, Senior Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities - (607) 255-4146
Michelle Smith, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education - (607) 255-3386
Monica Lewis, Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development – (607) 255-8478
David Taylor, Associate Dean of Administration - (607) 255-1097

Tricia Barry, Director of Communications - (607) 255-7165
Duncan Bell, Director of Administration/Registrar - (607) 255-5004
Ray Kim, Director of Advising - (607) 255-5004
Irene Lessmeister, Director of Admissions - (607) 255-4833
Jennifer Maclaughlin, Director of Career Development - (607) 255-4166

Student Services and Admissions


The A&S Admissions Office is responsible for recruiting, selecting, and enrolling each talented and diverse class of undergraduate A&S students. In support of the University’s academic mission, admissions staff evaluate more than 25,000 applications each year, including the Early Decision and Regular Decision rounds for prospective first-year students, and external and intra-university transfer applicants in both semesters. Throughout the year the office engages in outreach to potential applicants, hosts information sessions for prospective students and their families, and, in spring, coordinates communication and events for newly admitted students. The office oversees a Student Ambassador Program of inspiring current students who further support these outreach efforts. The office is located on the first floor of Klarman Hall in KG17, and at


The Arts & Sciences Registrar’s Office is the main repository of all A&S undergraduate student records. The office supports both students and faculty, as well as the curricular and instructional activities of the college by providing accurate grading, enrollment and student record services to the entire A&S College. It is responsible for maintaining current student information on the university’s student data systems, including all grade, enrollment, and transfer credit changes. Additionally, the office manages diploma ordering and official degree posting for all graduating A&S students, ensuring that all requirements are satisfied for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The office also provides student verification letters, Dean’s List posting, petition processing, and assistance with other student registration and policy inquiries. Official documents relating to academic matters are filed as part of each student’s permanent record and held there. Part of A&S Student Services, the Registrar’s Office is located in KG17 Klarman Hall, and at

Career Development

Connecting you to your future.

A&S Career Development offers a variety of services to help all students and recent graduates define and pursue their career goals. Counselors are available, by appointment, or during drop-in hours to meet with students to discuss career exploration, internship and full-time job search strategies, graduate and pre-professional plans, and more. The office is located in 172 Goldwin Smith Hall, and at


The A&S Advising Office is a resource for students and their parents, as well as faculty and peer advisors. Along with a faculty advisor, each student is also assigned to an academic advising dean who works with them throughout their time at Cornell. They are available to guide students in defining their academic and career goals, advise about special academic options and college policy, and help when personal or academic issues arise. Part of A&S Student Services, the Advising Office is located in KG17 Klarman Hall, and at

Pre-Major Faculty Advisors

Each new student is assigned a faculty advisor. Advisors help students plan programs of study and advise them about ways to achieve their academic goals. Advisors may also help students with study or personal problems or may direct them to other offices on campus where help is available. Academic difficulties may frequently be solved or avoided if students and advisors recognize and address problems early.

Effective Fall 2019, faculty advising for incoming first-year students will take one of two forms. Students who have expressed an interest in biological sciences will typically be advised through a program organized through the Office of Undergraduate Biology. All other students will meet with their faculty advisor weekly, as a group, during the first part of the semester, through the first-year advising seminar.

Both in the first semester and in subsequent semesters, students are encouraged to meet their advisors individually to discuss academic or personal issues or to petition for an exception to college rules. We recommend that students seek input from their faculty advisor early in the semester, before it is too late to drop courses and to discuss their academic progress. Advisors and advisees should meet at least once each semester to discuss courses for the following semester, and more often if advisees wish to.

Major Faculty Advisors

After acceptance into a major, each student is assigned a faculty advisor in his or her department, with whom the student shapes and directs the course of study. The advisor eventually certifies the completion of the major. Students should consult their major advisor about all academic plans, including honors, study abroad, acceleration, and graduate study. The advisor’s support is especially important if a student petitions for an exception to the normal procedures or requirements of the college.

Student Advisors

Each new student is assigned a peer advisor, who is a current student, who provides information and advice about life at Cornell and helps new students become oriented to the university.