ECE 4510 - Electric Power Systems I

Fall. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: ECE 3250 . Co-meets with ECE 5510 .

H.D. Chiang.

Acquaints students with modern electric power system modeling, analysis and computation. Stresses analysis techniques appropriate for power system modeling, analysis and power flow computation. Topics include transmission line models, transformers and per unit system, generator models, network matrices, power flow analysis and computation, real and reactive power control, voltage control, economic dispatch.

Outcome 1: Knowledge of a variety of mathematical models for power system components.

Outcome 2: Ability to classify such models as to issues of static model and dynamic model.

Outcome 3: Ability to make optimal inferences with respect to such criteria as minimum production cost and minimum emission (power flow and economic dispatch). Elements of optimal design are introduced.

Outcome 4: Response of power flow, bus voltage to power demand variations as well as power injection variations.

Outcome 5: Response of power system static behaviors to power system contingencies (such as line outages, transformer outages, generator tripping and huge load variations).

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