Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    Jun 19, 2024  
Courses of Study 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ECE 3250 - Signals and Systems

Fall. 4 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Prerequisite: MATH 2930 , MATH 2940 , or permission of instructor.

D. Delchamps.

Course aims to provide students with a rigorous treatment of the fundamentals of discrete- and continuous-time signals and systems. In addition to standard material on time- and frequency-domain analysis of signals and systems, course lays heavy emphasis on sophisticated tools including signal spaces (e.g. bounded, summable, and square-summable signals), orthogonal expansions in Hilbert space, Haar wavelets, and the singular value decomposition. Homework assignments include a computational component where appropriate.

Outcome 1: Help students achieve a sophisticated understanding of fundamental signals and systems concepts.

Outcome 2: Help students achieve a facility with sophisticated signal-analysis tools useful in applications to ECE and beyond.

Outcome 3: Help students attain an appreciation of the central role that advanced mathematics plays in modeling, analysis, and design of engineering systems.

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