Courses of Study 2018-2019 
    Oct 28, 2021  
Courses of Study 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENGRG 2270 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Engineers

(crosslisted) MAE 2270  
Fall. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Open to all Cornell students, regardless of major.

J. Callister.

A solid introduction to the entrepreneurial process to students in engineering. The main objective is to identify and begin to develop skills in the engineering work that occurs in high-growth, high-tech ventures. Basic engineering management issues, including the entrepreneurial perspective, opportunity recognition and evaluation, and gathering and managing resources are covered. The fundamentals of supply and demand and other basic microeconomic terms are covered. Technical topics such as the engineering design process, product realization, and technology forecasting are discussed.

Outcome 1: Students will be able to define and describe business terms and have knowledge of basic marketing terms, marketing procedures, and issues involved in starting a business.

Outcome 2: Define terms and be familiar with the general attributes of various funding sources.

Outcome 3: Calculate the rate of growth for a business, profit and loss, earnings per share, cost of goods sold, stock valuation, breakeven, and technology substitution rates.

Outcome 4: Demonstrate familiarity with the basics of intellectual property terminology and laws in the USA.

Outcome 5: Be familiar with the basics of microeconomics, such as supply and demand, externalities, and competition.

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