Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    Apr 18, 2024  
Courses of Study 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NCC 5040 - Leading Teams

Fall, Summer. 1.5 credits. S/U grades only (no audit).

Enrollment limited to: Johnson MBA first-year students. Co-meets with NCCY 5040  during the summer term only. Johnson School core course. Non-Johnson students, see NCC 5540 .

Fall, A. Filipowicz, E. McClean; Summer, Staff.

The 21st century organization and its managers are operating in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where work is knowledge-based, change is constant, and collaboration is essential. To succeed in a changing and competitive global environment, organizations must be able to learn, adapt, and continually innovate. Teams are the basic building block of organizational innovation and managers are responsible for effectively leading them. Managers have the power to direct their teams towards collaboration and innovation, however without the right skills, managers will fail to realize the full potential of their employees. This course is designed to help you develop skills to lead teams effectively. We will discuss what makes a team effective, the challenges teams typically face, and ways to direct teams toward success. 
The course is designed to provide you with concepts and competencies to help you throughout your managerial careers.  The concepts will include both time-tested ideas and very recent findings, putting you at the cutting edge of management thinking.  But learning the lessons intellectually is the easy part.  You will also have the chance to practice and experiment with these ideas.  Through class exercises, videotaped exercises and cases, you will have the opportunity to turn the concepts into competencies.

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