Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    Mar 04, 2024  
Courses of Study 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PAM 3250 - [Neighborhoods, Housing, and Urban Policy]

(crosslisted) SOC 3250  
(D-AG, D-HE, SBA-HE)      
Fall. Not offered: 2022-2023. Next offered: 2024-2025. 3 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: one of the following: ECON 1110 GOVT 1111 , PAM 2220 PAM 2250 , SOC 1101 , SOC 2220 , or SOC 2070 .  Enrollment limited to: undergraduate students. Co-meets with PAM 5250 .

L. Tach.

This course considers the dynamics of housing markets and neighborhoods in American metropolitan areas and the public policies designed to regulate them.  In the first part of the course, we examine the social and economic forces at work in metropolitan neighborhoods, focusing on trends in spatial inequality, segregation, and neighborhood effects. In the second part of the course, we examine the historical evolution of federal and local policies related to subsidized housing, homeownership, and land regulation and analyze empirical debates surrounding the effectiveness of such policies.

Outcome 1: Students will be able to describe the origins, evolution, and contemporary challenges of low-income housing policy in the US.

Outcome 2: Students will be able to identify and analyze descriptive data related to neighborhoods and housing.

Outcome 3: Students will be able to apply course concepts to the study of neighborhoods and housing in their local surroundings.

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