Courses of Study 2014-2015 
    Sep 24, 2022  
Courses of Study 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Additional Requirements:

In addition, students with credit for PHYS 1101 , PHYS 1112 , PHYS 1116 , or PHYS 2207 , or an advanced placement equivalent who wish to enroll in PHYS 1201 PHYS 1204  must obtain written permission from the instructor and the Physics director of undergraduate studies.

Course Prerequisites:

Achieving success in a physics course is easier if you have the proper preparation. Each physics course description lists prerequisite courses that develop mastery in the needed mathematics and physics. Students who wish to enroll in a course but lack the listed prerequisites may be able to succeed with an appropriate work plan, especially if they have other relevant prior experience. These students must discuss their preparation with the course instructor and with their advisor before enrolling.

Typical Physics Course Sequence:

Students with a score of 4 or higher on AP calculus BC are advised to begin physics in their first semester.  Students eligible for AP physics credit are generally advised to forfeit their credit and instead take the more challenging PHYS 1116 - Physics I: Mechanics and Special Relativity .

While there is great variability in course sequences, a typical example would be:

Fall Freshman: PHYS 1112  or PHYS 1116 MATH 1920  or MATH 2220 

Spring Freshman: PHYS 2213  or PHYS 2217 ; MATH 2930 ; PHYS 2216  – only if student has not taken PHYS 1116 .

Fall Sophomore: PHYS 2214  or PHYS 2218 ; MATH 2940  or MATH 2210 

Spring Sophomore: PHYS 3316 PHYS 3330 ; PHYS 4410  or alternative.

Fall Junior:  PHYS 3310  ; PHYS 3317 ; PHYS 3323  or PHYS 3327 ); Inside concentrators typically take AEP 4210 .

Spring Junior: PHYS 3314  or PHYS 3318 ; Concentration elective(s). Inside concentrators typically take AEP 4220 .

Fall Senior: Concentration elective(s).

Spring Senior: Concentration elective(s).

Students should consult with their advisor about their concentration electives—inside concentrators often take PHYS 4443  in the spring of their junior year in order to maximize their options during their senior year.  

Crossovers between the sequences PHYS 1112 -PHYS 2213 -PHYS 2214  and PHYS 1116 -PHYS 2217 -PHYS 2218  are possible.