Courses of Study 2016-2017 
    May 29, 2023  
Courses of Study 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science, M.Eng.

Offered by the Department of Computer Science

Contact: 110 D Gates Hall, (607) 255-8720,

The M.Eng. program in computer science can be started in either the fall or spring semester. This program is designed to develop expertise in system design and implementation in many areas of computer science, including computer networks, Internet architecture, fault-tolerant and secure systems, distributed and parallel computing, high-performance computer architecture, databases and data mining, multimedia systems, computer vision, computational tools for finance, computational biology (including genomics), software engineering, programming environments, graphics, and artificial intelligence.

A typical program includes several upper-division and graduate courses and a faculty-supervised project. The flexible requirements allow students to build up a program that closely matches their interests. Project work, which may be done individually or in a small group, is often associated with ongoing research in the Department of Computer Science in one of the areas listed above, but it can also be done in collaboration with many fields throughout the university. Students who begin the program in January may be eligible to participate in our internship track.

Cornell seniors may use the early admission option, which allows them to take courses toward their M.Eng. Degree while completing their undergraduate requirements. The Early Admit option can be started in either the fall or spring semester. It applies only to students who have 1 to 8 credits remaining to complete their undergraduate program. All remaining undergraduate degree requirements must be satisfied by the end of the student’s final semester as an undergraduate.

An M.Eng. in Computer Science is also available at Cornell Tech in New York City.  The program is similar to what is offered on the Ithaca campus except that “entrepreneurial thinking” permeates the courses and the project.  Credits earned while participating in the Early Admit program cannot be counted towards the M.Eng. degree at Cornell Tech.