Courses of Study 2020-2021 
    Nov 30, 2022  
Courses of Study 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Systems Engineering, M.Eng.

Offered by the Department of Systems Engineering

Contact: 606 Rhodes Hall, (607) 254-8998


The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) at Cornell is a professionally-oriented degree program preparing students to design and manage systems which are capable of meeting complex needs. Topics include life-cycle planning, decision-making in high-risk environments, system architecture and optimization, and system reliability. Numerous tracks are possible to customize the combination of systems engineering with specific disciplines and career interests.


The SE program has two groups of students: traditional on-campus students and distance learning (DL) students. On-campus students typically take two semesters to complete their program and have a wide array of courses to choose from. The program has several established tracks ranging from automotive to environmental systems engineering for students to choose from that combine coursework in systems engineering with electives chosen to emphasize different application domains. Alternatively, students may put together their own program plan upon the recommendation of their advisor if an established track does not meet their educational goals. 

DL students are professionals currently working in industry and are enrolled in the program part-time. The typical time frame for these students to complete the requirements is two to three years. Course content is the same as for on-campus students, with the addition of two one-week on-campus modules. This format of the M.Eng. degree can be earned online, making it perfect for the busy professional who wants to earn their degree on a part-time basis. The two one-week on-campus modules ensure students receive all course content not received in courses delivered online. Content delivery is achieved through synchronous and asynchronous technologies. DL students interact with on-campus students in many of their classes, which can facilitate the learning process for both groups of students. We welcome any questions about the delivery of classes and other questions related to distance learning.

Program Requirements: minimum of 30 credits

On Campus Students:


  1. Modeling and Analysis: 3-4 credits
  2. Application: 3-4 credits
  3. Management (suggested): 3-4 credits
  4. Other electives: variable

Distance Learning Students: