Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    May 31, 2023  
Courses of Study 2022-2023

Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.Eng.

Offered by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Contact: 223 Phillips Hall, (607) 255-4304,

The MEng degree is designed for students who intend to work in industry, although graduates successfully have entered almost all tracks, including industry, PhD programs, business, and professional degrees. The curriculum and design project provide the advanced technical depth and professional skills needed for critical thinking that will benefit all possible careers.

Students must complete 30 credits of work, over two semesters. 3-8 credits are devoted to a faculty-supervised design project; 14-16 credits are devoted to four advanced “core” courses in a specialization; the remaining credits are earned through elective classes that support a student’s ultimate goal.

The design project is supervised by a faculty member and its duration is two semesters / one academic year. It is begun in the student’s first semester of enrollment, and is to be completed at the end of the second semester of enrollment. The submission of a final design project report is required at the completion of the project and will be archived. All design projects are judged in a poster session by a panel of faculty and resident experts at the completion of the second semester.

Many students elect to complete the degree in three semesters. This allows for the opportunity to enroll in additional advanced courses that otherwise might be out of reach, as well as the possibility of finding an internship over the summer which may enhance job prospects during the third semester. Degree requirements increase for students who elect to extend their MEng degree program for a third semester and they will be required to earn a total of thirty-six credit hours altogether.

Cornell Tech in New York City also offers a Master of Engineering Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Credits earned while participating in the Early M.Eng Credit program cannot be counted towards the M.Eng. degree at Cornell Tech. Contact Cornell Tech for additional information.