Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    Jul 24, 2024  
Courses of Study 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Literatures in English|


First-Year Writing Seminars Recommended for Prospective Majors:

Creative Writing:

Students usually begin their work in Creative Writing with ENGL 2800  or ENGL 2810 , and only after completion of the First-Year Writing Seminar requirement. Please note that either ENGL 2800  or ENGL 2810  is the recommended prerequisite for 3000-level creative writing courses. ENGL 2800  and ENGL 2810  may satisfy a distribution requirement in your college (please check with your college advisor). ENGL 3820 ENGL 3830 , ENGL 3840 ENGL 3850 , and ENGL 4800 ENGL 4810 , and ENGL 4801 -ENGL 4811  are approved for the English major. Students may take only one creative writing class per semester.

Courses Under Three Credits:

These courses give students the opportunity to explore important topics and issues from a literary and cultural perspective. While they don’t count toward an English major or minor (unless otherwise noted), they enrich students’ understanding of the humanities’ relevance to life at Cornell and beyond.

Introductory-level courses:

Courses at the introductory-level include foundational surveys designed to introduce English majors and minors to important areas of the curriculum, courses on major themes and topics that span historical periods, and courses intended for non-majors as well as majors and minors. No previous college-level study in English is assumed.

3000-level courses:

Courses at the 3000-level cover major literary periods, authors, traditions, and genres, as well as literary theory, cultural studies, and creative and expository writing. These courses are designed primarily for English majors and minors, though non-majors are welcome to take them. Some previous college-level study in English is assumed.

4000-level courses:

Courses at the 4000 level are advanced seminars intended primarily for English majors and minors who have already taken courses at the 2000 and/or 3000 level. Other students may enroll in these courses, but are encouraged to consult with the instructor.

Courses Primarily for Graduate Students:

Permission of the instructor is a prerequisite for admission to courses numbered in the 6000s. These are intended primarily for graduate students, although qualified undergraduates are sometimes admitted. Undergraduates seeking admission to a 6000-level course should consult the instructor.