Courses of Study 2022-2023 
    May 31, 2023  
Courses of Study 2022-2023

Materials Science and Engineering, M.Eng.

Offered by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Contact: 210 Bard Hall, (607) 255-0999

The Materials Science and Engineering M.Eng. (Master of Engineering) program is designed to prepare students for professional work in materials science. The 30 credit program includes course work, professional development training, and a master’s design/research project and is generally completed in two semesters. The project is 4-8 credits of the total and may be satisfied by successful completion of a project course in materials design, a corporate sponsored project, or a project in a faculty laboratory. A wide range of project styles and topics are available. M.Eng. students also take a 3 credit elective concerned with management or a related topic, and may use up to 6 credits of technical electives to broaden their background beyond materials-related content.

The program serves three categories of students: (1) those who have completed an undergraduate degree in materials science or materials engineering and who wish to gain advanced knowledge in a particular topic area, (2) well qualified graduates of other fields of engineering or physical sciences who wish to complement that background with a detailed knowledge of materials, and (3) students who wish to combine materials science with other interests, particularly business-related. Students may enter the MSE M.Eng. program from most engineering or physical science fields. Accordingly, the courses undertaken in the M.Eng. program vary widely from student to student depending on their background, interests, and needs.