Courses of Study 2021-2022 
    Nov 28, 2022  
Courses of Study 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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AEM 6510 - Environmental and Resource Economics

Fall. 3 credits. Student option grading.

Prerequisite: MATH 1110 , ECON 3030  or their equivalents. Enrollment limited to: graduate students. Core course for environmental management concentration/option.

I. Rudik.

Review of welfare economics, environmental externalities, and common property resources, and a survey of current environmental and natural resource policy. Covers techniques for measuring benefits and costs-including property value and wage hedonic approaches, travel cost models, and contingent evaluation. Describes survey/data collection methods in detail. Explores innovative market mechanisms for resolving public good, common property, and externality problems. Students are required to complete a paper describing their own formal economic analysis of a natural resource or environmental problem.

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