Courses of Study 2021-2022 
    Sep 24, 2022  
Courses of Study 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MATH 6620 - [Riemannian Geometry]

Spring. Not offered: 2021-2022. Next offered: 2022-2023. 4 credits. Student option grading.

Offered alternate years.


Topics include linear connections, Riemannian metrics and parallel translation; covariant differentiation and curvature tensors; the exponential map, the Gauss Lemma and completeness of the metric; isometries and space forms, Jacobi fields and the theorem of Cartan-Hadamard; the first and second variation formulas; the index form of Morse and the theorem of Bonnet-Myers; the Rauch, Hessian, and Laplacian comparison theorems; the Morse index theorem; the conjugate and cut loci; and submanifolds and the Second Fundamental form.

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