Courses of Study 2021-2022 
    May 17, 2022  
Courses of Study 2021-2022
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AEM 1700 - Foundations of Leadership Development

Fall, Spring. 1 credit. Letter grades only (no audit).

Enrollment limited to: students who have declared the leadership minor.

D. Haeger.

Dyson Leadership Development provides a rich, varied, curricular and co-curricular experience for students to equip, inspire and empower students to have the capacity to lead in their communities on a local, national and global scale. Leadership is a personal, relational, and collective learning journey for achieving goals that result in positive change. The basic premise of Leadership in Dyson is leading for a better world. The foundations of this course include self-awareness, personal development, self-management, team building, networking, and community engagement. This introductory course is geared towards students in the Leadership minor.

Outcome 1: Students will be able to analyze self through a Learning Needs Inventory.

Outcome 2: Students will be able to experience team dynamics through team building.

Outcome 3: Students will be able to explore high impact engagement on teams.

Outcome 4: Students will be able to plan and execute community service leadership on a team.

Outcome 5: Students will be able to reflect on self-others-community-leadership.

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