Courses of Study 2021-2022 
    Oct 04, 2023  
Courses of Study 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


In the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences .

Course Offerings  

The Entomology curriculum provides students with a basic background in biological and physical sciences, with a special emphasis on the study of insects. The majority of majors pursue graduate studies in entomology or related sciences upon completion of the B.S. degree. Alternatively, students may immediately begin careers in various aspects of basic or applied insect biology, including integrated pest management, insect pathology, environmental assessment, medical or veterinary entomology, insect toxicology, apiculture, insect systematics, or insect ecology. Because of the diversity of career options, the major includes flexibility among the core requirements and electives that can be selected by students in consultation with their advisors.

Teaching Faculty

Patrick O’Grady, chair (2126 Comstock Hall, (607) 255-7723); A. Agrawal, N. Buchon, M. Caillaud, B. Danforth, C. Gilbert, A. E. Hajek, L. C. Harrington, B. P. Lazzaro, G. M. Loeb, J. E. Losey, C. Moreau, C. Murdock, B. Nault, J. P. Nyrop, K. Poveda, L. S. Rayor, J. P. Sanderson, J. G. Scott, J. S. Thaler

Entomology Requirements (15–21 credits):

Group A (core courses):

Choose two of the following courses. If ENTOM 3030 , ENTOM 4550  or ENTOM 4830  have been used to satisfy the core requirements above, they may not be used to satisfy the Group A or B requirements:

Two additional entomology courses from Groups A or B:

(For a complete list of Entomology Courses, please visit our course list on the Entomology home page.)