Courses of Study 2021-2022 
    Jun 09, 2023  
Courses of Study 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

The B.F.A. program allows the student to map a highly individualized curriculum with the goal of evolving a mature artistic practice at the earliest possible stage.

B.F.A. Degree Requirements

Students matriculating in Fall 2021 must complete the following degree requirements:

Requirement Area Number

Specific classes

(if applicable)

Minimum Number

Studio Practice:
Introductory 2000-level studios
6 ART 2201 , 2301 , 2401 , 2501  (first fall semester), 2601 , 2701   24
Studio Practice:
Advanced 3000-level studios
4 Any four classes from the following: ART 3092 , 3201  - 3299, 3301 - 3399 , 3401  - 3499 , 3501  - 3599 3601  - 3699 , and 3701 – 3799   16
Studio Practice:
1 ART 3006  (Spring only) 4
Studio Practice:
Thesis Year
2 ART 4003  and 4004   8
Shop & Tech 1 ART 2900  (first fall semester) 1
Intro to B.F.A. Program & Advising 1 ART 2910  (first fall semester) 1
Theory and Criticism
3 ART 2103  (first fall semester), ART 4100  (thesis fall semester), and one additional theory and criticism elective 11-12
Art History/Visual Studies
3 One modern/contemporary, one global/underrepresented, and one additional art history elective 9-12
Diversity & Inclusion 1 One diversity and inclusion elective from a list of approved courses 3-4
2 Any two writing classes from the following: First-Year Writing Seminars (FWS), ENGL 2880 , ENGL 2890   6
Elective Plan
varies Any academic class at Cornell planned out on the WORKSPACE platform chosen in consultation with faculty advisor 32-37
Physical Education
2 Any PE class at Cornell 0*
Swim Test
0   0
    Total: 120

* P.E. classes do not count as academic credit.

B.F.A. Requirement Areas

Studio Practice Requirement: 13 classes; 52 credits

1. Introductory 2000-level Studios: 6 classes; 24 credits

B.F.A. students are required to complete the following 2000-level studios by the end of the third semester:

*ART 2501  must be completed in the first fall semester of study.

2. Advanced 3000-level Studios: 4 classes; 16 credits

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete four 3000-level studios from any of the six different studio practice areas. Students may enroll in a 3000-level studio if they have successfully completed the 2000-level studio in that same studio practice area. Successful completion of all four 3000-level studios is a pre-requisite for ART 4004 .

3. Pre-thesis: 1 class; 4 credits

B.F.A. students are required to complete ART 3006  in the Spring of the third year. ART 3006  is a pre-requisite for ART 4003 .

4. Thesis: 2 classes; 8 credits

In the final year of study, B.F.A. students enroll in ART 4003  and ART 4004 . ART 3006  must be completed before ART 4003 , and all advanced 3000-level studios must be completed before ART 4004 .

Shop & Tech: 1 class; 1 credit

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete ART 2900 - Shop and Tech  in the first Fall semester of study to be in good standing. This requirement must be completed at Cornell.

Introduction to B.F.A. Program and Advising: 1 class; 1 credit

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete ART 2910 - Ask Olive: Introduction to B.F.A. Program, Curriculum, and Advising  in the first Fall semester of study to be in good standing. This requirement must be completed at Cornell.

Theory and Criticism Requirement: 3 classes; minimum of 11 credits

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete the following three classes for a minimum of 11 credits in the area of theory and criticism:

In the first Fall semester of study, B.F.A. students enroll in ART 2103 . The ART 2103  requirement cannot be fulfilled with transfer credit.

After ART 2103  has been completed, B.F.A. students must successfully complete a theory and criticism elective.  Student may satisfy this requirement with ART 3102  (Cornell in Rome), ART 3103  (AAP NYC), or another approved theory and criticism elective .

In the final Fall semester of study, B.F.A. students enroll in ART 4100 .

Art History/Visual Studies Requirement: 3 classes; minimum of 9 credits

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete three classes for a minimum of 9 credits in the area of art history:

Diversity and Inclusion Requirement: 1 class; minimum of 3 credits

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete one class for a minimum of 3 credits in the area of Diversity and Inclusion. Students may choose from a wide array of courses  across the university that promote understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people  of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations or other difference.  It is realized by our college that students will be enrolled in many other studios, seminars, and other requirements that also address these issues. 


Writing Requirement: 2 classes; 6 credits

B.F.A. students are required to successfully complete two approved writing classes totaling 6 credits by the end of the second year and before participating in off-campus study. Approved writing courses include all First-Year Writing Seminars (FWS), ENGL 2880 - Expository Writing , and ENGL 2890 - Expository Writing . B.F.A. students can apply advanced placement credit toward a maximum of one writing class. Only the Knight Institute can approve substitutions for the writing requirement.

Elective Curricular Plan: 32-37 credits

Students will develop an Elective Curricular Plan via the department’s WORKSPACE platform. The plan will be comprised of a cross-disciplinary cluster of electives. Students work closely with their faculty advisor and other departmental faculty to integrate these classes into their developing art practice that is critically, intellectually, and materially advanced. When enrolling in elective classes, up to nine credits of electives may be taken under the S/U grading-basis.

Total Academic Credits: 120

Off-Campus Study

B.F.A. students may take advantage of off-campus study opportunities at AAP NYC and/or Cornell in Rome. Both off-campus options combine studio classes with seminars and provide exposure to professional and global art worlds. Students should consult with their advisor to plan how their B.F.A. curriculum will coordinate with off-campus study.

Eligibility Requirements

B.F.A. students in good standing with a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.000 or better and who are on track with the B.F.A. degree requirements are eligible to apply to study at Cornell in Rome and/or AAP NYC. Students apply to the Cornell in Rome and AAP NYC semesters through a competitive application process determined by the department. Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee acceptance into the off-campus option, and off-campus study is contingent on the student’s continued good academic standing, adequate program enrollment, and other factors.


The AAP NYC semester utilizes the remarkable resources of New York City. Faculty members include practicing artists, theorists, critics, and curators. Within the context of AAP NYC’s course offerings and immersive exposure to contemporary art and artists, students get an inside look at the urban NYC art world. Each student has access to studio space where they are encouraged to develop work according to their independent practices and may take advantage of group exhibitions in the AAP NYC space. Learn more about AAP NYC

Schedule Requirements

Students are required to enroll in ART 3003 - New York City Studio ART 3103 , and ART 3903 - NYC Professional Practice . ART 3805 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Metropolitan Studies  is required if the art history requirement has not yet been satisfied. ART 3805  counts towards the modern/contemporary or elective art history/visual studies requirement.

Cornell in Rome

The Cornell in Rome semester draws upon the extensive contemporary and cultural resources of Italy and greater Europe. Each student has access to studio space where they are encouraged to develop work according to their independent practices. The semester provides an experience unparalleled for artistic, intellectual, and personal growth where students may develop their studio practice in any medium. Learn more about Cornell in Rome.

Schedule Requirements

Students enroll in ART 3001 - Rome Studio , and ART 3102 - Contemporary Rome Seminar . Students may enroll in additional electives, choosing from Italian and art and architectural history offerings.

B.F.A. Program Policies

B.F.A. students are expected to satisfy all B.F.A. degree requirements and comply with the following B.F.A. policies. Any deviation must be petitioned prior to the act. Petition forms can be found online on the AAP Academic Forms page. Failure to comply with any department policies or petitions decisions may result in review by the College Academic Review  Committee (ARC).

Good Standing

To be in a good academic standing in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, a B.F.A. student must:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 12 academic credits each semester
  • Earn a minimum semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.300
  • Comply with department curriculum and program policies

At the end of each semester, the college’s ARC goes over the record of each student who is not in good academic standing and decides an appropriate action. For additional information, refer to Academic Review  section.

Credit Limit

All B.F.A. students are required to take a minimum of 12 and not more than 20 academic credits per semester.

To enroll in more than 20 credits, students must petition for permission. Petitions must be submitted prior to enrollment. All petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Studio Enrollment

B.F.A students in the first three semesters are required to enroll in a minimum of two and a maximum of three 2000-level art studios each semester to be in good standing with the department. B.F.A. students are required to enroll in a minimum of one and a maximum of three art studios each semester from the fourth semester through to the end of the program. Students are expected to be present during regular class hours for instruction and critiques.


All required classes must be taken for a letter-grade. A maximum of nine elective credits may be taken for an S/U grade. In addition, all college and university grading policy  apply to B.F.A. students.

Course Numbering

  • All Cornell courses numbered 1000–1099 do not count toward graduation.
  • All ART courses numbered 1100–1999 count as elective credit only.

Additional information regarding the ART course numbering scheme can be found below under Art Course and Fee Information.

Advanced Placement Credit

For B.F.A. students, advanced placement credit is applied as elective credit only, with the exception of up to one First-Year Writing Seminar. B.F.A. students may apply a maximum of nine advanced placement credits toward their degree requirements. In addition, all college and university advanced placement credit policies  apply to B.F.A. students. Please refer to the Advanced Placement section of this catalog for additional university guidelines  regarding AP credit.

Independent Study

Independent study classes in the Department of Art are offered on the Ithaca campus in the Fall and Spring semesters only, and are open to students in the 3rd-year or higher. Students enroll for variable credit, for up to a maximum of 4 credits. Students can choose Independent Studio, Directed Reading, or Directed Research with a Cornell full-time faculty member. Enrollment in an independent study requires an approved Independent Study Form, which is found online on the AAP Academic Forms page.

Eligibility requirements for enrolling in an independent study (independent studio, directed readings, directed research ): 

  • Third-year (junior) standing or higher;
  • Successful completion of the 2000-level and one 3000-level ART studio in the studio practice area;
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.700 or better; and
  • Enrollment in Ithaca during the Fall or Spring semester

The above information must be verified by the Department of Art on an Independent Study Form prior to enrollment. The Independent Study Form are found online on the AAP Academic Forms page. Standard University add/drop deadlines apply to enrollment in an Art independent study. Any exception to the above eligibility requirements or add/drop deadlines must be approved by petition. The petition form is found online on the AAP Academic Forms page.

Residency Requirement

  • The B.F.A. program is an eight-semester program.
  • Students who transfer into the B.F.A. program must complete a minimum of four semesters in residence (Ithaca/Cornell in Rome/AAP NYC).
  • B.F.A. students are required to spend the last three semesters of candidacy in residence in Ithaca.

Transfer Credit

The general college transfer credit policies  apply to B.F.A. students. In addition, the following B.F.A. requirements cannot be satisfied with transfer credit and must be successfully completed at Cornell:

Further, the modern/contemporary art history and global/underrepresented art history/visual studies requirements cannot be fulfilled with transfer survey of art history courses. Such courses will be applied toward the elective plan requirement.

Additional Information for Transfer Students

To ensure a timely transfer of credit, incoming transfer students are required to submit course equivalency requests immediately upon acceptance. Students should also meet with the academic services staff as soon as possible but no later than orientation to review how their credits are applied toward the Cornell degree and for course enrollment planning.

Students who transfer into the B.F.A. program must successfully complete:

  • A minimum of four semesters in residence
  • A minimum of 60 academic credits at Cornell
  • A minimum of 30 of the 60 credits in the Department of Art

Deviating from Curriculum, Policies, or Procedures

Students wishing to deviate from requirements or and/or policies must petition the art department for permission. Petitions should be submitted only if there are clearly extraordinary circumstances that merit special consideration. Petition forms, which are found online on the AAP Academic Forms page, are submitted to AAP Office of Student Services, B01 W. Sibley Hall. Petitions must be submitted prior to the act. Once submitted and acted upon, petitions can only be reversed by subsequent petition.

Appeals: A student has ten days from the time of the petitions decision to appeal the decision in writing. Appeal forms are found online on the AAP Academic Forms page. Appeals should be submitted directly to the Department of Art, 224 Tjaden Hall, for review and vote by the full tenure/tenure-track art faculty.  The faculty decision on the appeal is final. No further appeals will be considered.

Minor in Fine Arts (for Non-Departmental Students)

The art minor is an opportunity for students who are not enrolled in the Department of Art and who have a serious interest and/or background in studio art to continue their commitment to art at the college level. 

The curriculum for the minor in fine arts totals a minimum of 15 credit hours. All coursework must be completed at Cornell University, and a grade of C or better is required. In addition, any coursework used to fulfill the minor cannot also be used to fulfill specific requirements of the student’s major.

Specific Course Requirements for the Minor:

Required courses: 3 courses; 12 credits

Choose one from the following elective courses: 1 course; 3-4 credits

Minimum total credits: 15

Application Process

Interested students must complete an Intent to Minor form in order to receive priority in the studio enrollment process. Completed forms should be submitted to the Department of Art. Upon successful completion of all minor requirements, students must submit an Application to Graduate with a Minor in Fine Arts to the Department of Art at least one month prior to graduation. The Department of Art will verify completion of the minor and the minor will be recorded on the official transcript at the time of degree completion. Both the Intent to Minor form and the Application to Graduate with a Minor in Fine Arts are found online on the AAP Academic Forms page.

Questions regarding the minor can be directed to the Department of Art, 224 Tjaden Hall.

Graduate Study in Art

The Department of Art offers a two-year Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) program that encourages both interdisciplinary and medium-specific practices, and questions a pedagogy informed solely by Western models and traditions of art.

For additional information regarding the M.F.A. program, please refer to the Graduate School  section of this catalog.

Art Course and Fee Information

Course offerings may vary by semester and year. Students should consult the Class Roster to determine which courses will be offered in a given semester.

All ART courses have a 4-digit course number. The first two digits of each ART course number have been assigned in the following way:

1st Digit = Level

1 = Introductory course (in/out-of-college elective credit for BFA students)

2 = Lower-division course

3 = Upper-division course

4 = Thesis year, upper-division course

2nd Digit = Medium/Requirement Area

1 = Theory and Criticism

2 = Painting

3 = Print Media

4 = Sculpture

5 = Drawing

6 = Photography

7 = Digital Media

8 = Art History

9 = In-College Elective

0 = Unspecified 

Art students should expect to spend a minimum of $1,000 and up to $3,000 for expendable supplies each academic year, depending on academic level, courses selected, and projects chosen.

Course Offerings